First Baptist Church of Gurley
Friday, March 06, 2015
A Church Family Who Exists to... Love God ~ Love Others ~ Serve in Community

About Us

First Baptist Church is located at 183 Joplin St.
Gurley, Al. 35748
Call us at 256.776.9451
We're family, founded on traditional values and we gather in a brick building.
But we're a casual, non-traditional congregation. Casual is the operative word.
You'll like our setting, find comfort in our service, and you'll love our people. 
We adhere to the Baptist Faith and Message. We also believe in vibrant worship. 
At FBC of Gurley you'll worship with traditional hymns as well as current, 
contemporary songs of faith. We pray. We're happy for you to pray at the
altar during worship. We want to pray with you. We'll pray for you.   
Our Sunday morning messages are straight from the Bible. The
purpose of the sermon is to help you connect life with God. The pastor
believes he is there to challenge your faith. Every message is designed to
challenge your thinking. The whole process of worship is Christ centered,
without apology.
Our church location was founded in the late 1800's. Our church family,
model of faith, and function is 2012. We continually search for current ways 
to connect with our community. 
We want to connect with you. We offer guests a place to be involved. We
expect members to be involved. We believe God has a spiritual gift for every Christian.
And we believe a Christian without a home and place of regular service is an orphan.
Be our guest. You may find a home.